To meet its customers’ needs directly, TTK has developed a wide range of products, from high-tensile threaded rebars (Neji-Tetsu-Con) and joints that support the construction of high-rise buildings through to labor-saving products.

Developing the industry's most advanced high-tensile threaded rebars and joints for use in super-high-rise buildings

Since Japan has only a limited amount of habitable land, the construction of high-rise buildings fulfills a vital social need in this country. Moreover, as a country that experiences frequent earthquakes, Japan faces the challenge of developing advanced seismic resistance technologies.


To address this challenge, TTK has focused on developing high-tensile threaded rebars and joints, which play a key role in the construction of reinforced concrete structures. Working side-by-side with contractors engaged in the construction of high-rise buildings, we have worked to evolve our products over the years.


TTK continues to provide the industry with cutting-edge solutions by improving the strength of its products. For example, we have upgraded our rebars for use in high-rise buildings from the SD390 to the SD490, and developed the USD590, USD685 and USD980 especially for use in super-high-rise buildings.

Establishing a strong reputation and proven track record through industry-university joint research projects and customer-centric product development

TTK’s development-driven corporate culture is behind all of the company’s product development. We continue to develop products through a variety of company-wide initiatives. These include creating a corporate structure focused on product development and concentrating its management resources, conducting joint research with universities and research institutes, carrying out joint development projects with construction contractors, and gathering extensive information about market and industry needs.


Under a development system that is designed to serve both the individual customer and the market as a whole, the company develops cost-effective, time-saving products that meet the needs of the time. This is one of the company’s defining characteristics.

This customer-oriented development system has enabled us to develop a wide variety of products, including high-tensile threaded rebars and joints, as well as anchorage for rebars (PLATE-NUT) and epoxy rebars that are resistant to seawater damage.


The construction industry is constantly confronted by the need to simultaneously improve both construction efficiency and quality. Our products have earned a strong reputation in the construction industry, as they reduce labor requirements and the need for skilled labor, shorten the construction time, and improve quality.


This track record has become TTK's driving force, giving the company more momentum to develop new products.