An Overview of TTK

 (As of March 31 2023)

1. Company name in Japanese


2. Company name in English

Tokyo Tekko Co., Ltd.

3. Head office

520 Yokokura Shinden, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

4. Date founded

June 23, 1939

5. Paid-in capital

5.839 billion yen

6. Main products

●Steel bars for concrete reinforcement

  • High-tensile threaded rebars (Neji-Tetsu-Con)
  • High-tensile deformed rebars (To-Tetsu-Con)


●Mechanical joints

  • Threaded rebar joints (ACE-JOINT, EPOCH-JOINT, RELAY-JOINT and FREE-JOINT)
  • Mortar-grouted joints (TOPS-JOINT, BOLTOPS)


●Mechanical anchorages

  • Mechanical anchorage for threaded rebars (PLATE-NUT)
  • Mechanical anchorage for shear reinforcement (PLATE-HOOK)


●Rebar-processing products

  • Welded-closed rebars for shear reinforcement (POWER-RING)


●Steel exposed column-base methods

  • SMART-BASE Method and SCREW-BASE Method

7.Number of employees

832 (consolidated; as of March 31, 2023)