Corporate Code of Conduct

Action guidelines for achieving our policy goals and management philosophy


  1.  To ensure the satisfaction of our customers and retain their trust, we develop and provide socially useful products and services by taking measures to ensure safety and to protect customer information.
  2.  We promote fair, transparent and free competition as well as appropriate business transactions. We also maintain healthy, normal relationships with political and administrative organizations.
  3.  We place a high priority on maintaining communication with our various stakeholders—including our customers, our shareholders and local communities—and proactively disclose corporate information fairly to all interested parties.
  4.  We respect the diversity, personality and individuality of our employees and provide them with a safe, comfortable working environment that is fulfilling and rewarding.
  5.  As an environmentally conscious company, we take an active part in addressing environmental issues, including the recycling of industrial waste.
  6.  As a good corporate citizen, we place a high priority on working in harmony with local communities and contribute to their development.
  7. We take a firm stand against anti-social groups and organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society.


Our upper management take the initiative in living up to the spirit of this code of conduct and ensuring compliance with corporate ethics. In the event of a situation that violates this code of conduct, they take full responsibility for resolving the problem themselves and preventing recurrences. They disclose accurate information promptly and fulfill their accountability by clarifying lines of authority and responsibility in order to impose strict punishments on those responsible (even if this means imposing punishments on themselves).