ACE-JOINT is a mechanical joint for Neji-Tetsu-Con, TTK’s hot-rolled threaded rebar. It is composed of one coupler and two lock-nuts and conforms to ISO15835. TTK Grout, the special high strength cement grout is used for fixing ACE-JOINT.

ACE-JOINT is a high strength rebar joint, able to join threaded rebar with the principle of screw. It connects rebar to rebar with one coupler and two lock-nuts. TTK Grout, the high grade super fine cement, is used for fixing rebar and couplers to secure the strength.

Applicable Rebar Grade/Size

Grade (MPa)

B500, B600

Size (mm)

20, 25, 32, 40

*able to join rebar with different sizes.


  • Suitable for prefabrication construction method for column & beam
  • Able to be installed even in the bad weather
  • No need for skilled workers or large machines for installation

*Speedy and simple construction


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