FREE-JOINT features its long body and wide clearance for absorbing gaps among rib pitches to join fixed rebar.

Flexible and suitable for joining welded fixed rebar units such as of precast method, top-down construction method, D-wall and piles.

The workability improves without lock nuts. Simple construction only filling TTK Grout F(in-organic) or TTK Epoxy(resin) into a coupler.

Applicable Rebar Grade/Size

Grade (MPa)

B500, B600

Size (mm)

20, 25, 32, 40


  • Able to join fixed rebar
  • Absorbing gap between rebar pitches
  • Suitable for precast method, top-down method, pile and D-wall constructions.
  • Able to be installed even in the bad weather.
  • No need for skilled workers. Labor-savings


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